Monday, February 28, 2011

More on ... let's not get carried away ...

Hey there. So, another awards show. Was not feeling Bale in The Fighter (or the movie at all, for the most part). Is it just me, or did his Dicky Ecklund kind of make it seem like crack addiction was no big deal? I mean, is it possible for a crack addict to jump off the couch after getting high and then run halfway across a small city to train a boxer?!? ("The Wire" this wasn't.) Maybe his character was kind of comic relief, with that keystone kops routine as he kept jumping into the dumpster?

Speaking of boxing, what has happened to the Ring's website?!? First Eric Raskin and Bill Dettloff's columns were cut (support them on the Ring Theory podcast, though) and now, as Raskin mentioned, we have to read about alphabet titles in headlines and as major angles in stories. Sorry, guys, no disrespect to Rios -- great performance the other night -- but the man did not "win a major title." JMM is the real lightweight champ, even according to the WBA (ugh, that hurt to even type), so let's not fan the flames.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Singers: In Praise Of Mavis

While everyone is going bonkers because a #1 Billboard album (some underdog) won album of the year, I think this speaks for itself: Mavis Staples, one of the greatest voices we've ever known, won her first grammy, while Eminem won his fifth "Best Rap Album" award. Let's not get carried away. What exactly does "best" mean according to the "academy"?!?

2011 marks the sixth decade that Mavis Staples has been singing professionally. With that, I bring you "I Had A Dream" (Vee-Jay, 1958), with Pops, Cleotha, and Pervis. Enjoy!

I Had A Dream