Monday, November 29, 2010

Solo show recordings

Live set from a recent solo show in the neighborhood. Thanks to Kelly + Paul, David, and Ben! Let me know what you think . . .

1. Cluj

A tune I originally wrote after going on tour to Italy, Greece, and France in 1995 with Ben Lapidus and Friends a/k/a Baldheaded Stepchildren. We met these crazy guys from Romania and I kept wondering about this one guy Virgil's hometown, Cluj-Napoca. Since then I recorded it with Companion Trio and Krill and I used it the other day as a little warm-up number.

2. Tasnifi Buzruk / Pilgrimage to a Distant Jewish Cemetery

Inspired by my recent trip to Uzbekistan. The opening motive is from the very beginning of the Shashmaqom Bukharan classical repertoire.

3. Spider Web (I am Chiasmus, Chiasmus am I)

4. He's Our Little Son / Alice is a Beautiful Person

Three improvisations for my two kids...

5. The Roadrunner (For Jonathan Richman)

Another "oldiebutgoodie" as my old upstairs neighbor Rod would say. This was a Companion Trio jam (on Our Customs) cum solo joint (on The Destruction of Evan Rapport).

6. I Looked at the Moon in Blue

"Moon in Blue" (née "Vernon-Jackson") is a ditty I wrote for my wife years ago. Me and Jerry used to jam on it a lot. The beginning has some new ideas inspired by Jonathan Kane's take on Fred McDowell's "I Looked at the Sun."

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SabaNana said...

Reminds me of the Red Room days. We don't get to hear you play enough, Ev. Sounds great!