Friday, November 5, 2010

Become enthusiastic! (TGIN)

Thank God It's November. (That's right, I didn't hyphenate it. Will I suffer the wrath of an angry deity? I hope not. On the other hand, internet posts seem to be eternal, so maybe I'm in the clear. Only time will tell. (It's OK to say "on the other hand" without "on the one hand" first, right?)) We--spectators of the sweetest of all sciences--finally have a few weeks to look forward to. Really, really look forward to. Huzzah!!! Lopez-Marquez. JMM-Katsidis. Khan-Maidana. Even Judah-Matthysse. The Ghost, Berto, Caballero, more Super Six, Canelo, Ricky Burns, Chavez Jr... Even some boxers that are older than me, and still great: Glen Johnson (will he school Allan Green?) and Bernard Hopkins (will he school Jean Pascal?). Hey guys, how about spreading it out a little bit? Could have used one of these back in October (shudder).

Oh, yeah! And what's-his-name, that congressman, I think he's fighting in there somewhere. Not sure about that. Help me out here.

Just want to take a minute to thank Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams. Got to hand it to these guys. First of all, fighting again within a year. Second, both unbelievably passionate, brilliant athletes who are willing to go to war, without compromise, for our entertainment. Third, a fight that matters, between pound-for-pounders, and not on PPV. In the current state of the sport, a bout like this is a real gift. Am I right?!? So thanks, guys.

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SabaNana said...

Wasn't Judah Mathysse the hero of the Hanukkah story??