Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I returned from a two-week "ziyorat" (pilgrimage) trip to Uzbekistan with my Bukharian Jewish neighbors in Queens. Here are a few pictures:

Ezro Malakov singing in the Tashkent Synagogue

On the road to Samarkand

Cooking shashlik (kebabs) in Sangzor, outside the town of Jizzak

The Jewish cemetery in Samarkand

The grave of Levi Babakhanov (Levicha), court singer of the last Bukharan Emir, in Samarkand

The Gumbaz synagogue in Samarkand

The Sher Dor madrassa in Samarkand

Dancing at a concert in Samarkand

On the road to Shahrisabz, through the mountains

Entrance to the Jewish cemetery in Shahrisabz


Sarah said...

"Shashlik in Sangzor, outside of Jizzak" that really explains this photo! Cool pictures, RAPS!

Wendy Grinberg said...

Say that 10 times fast!
Great pics. Can't wait to see more.

Entrap Vapor said...

ok, I updated the caption