Friday, January 15, 2010

Portrait of a Legend

Repeaters: Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend, 1951-1964

Touch the Hem of His Garment

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tierney: The Madness of Crowds and an Internet Delusion

Gentle reader,
I thought this interesting:
The Madness of Crowds and an Internet Delusion
"'The basic idea of this contract,' he writes, 'is that authors, journalists, musicians and artists are encouraged to treat the fruits of their intellects and imaginations as fragments to be given without pay to the hive mind. Reciprocity takes the form of self-promotion. Culture is to become precisely nothing but advertising.'"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Will Redman - Book

Free download or streaming:

Gordon Beeferman, Jeff Arnal, and me on track 5.


Doing lots of thinking about the "album" lately, probably as Mudang gears up to go in the studio. I love albums. Love them. Especially the record kind. I love to put a record on a record player and then listen to it. Never liked CDs that much. Always felt cheap. Too much plastic. Not a big plastic fan. Always seemed lame when they tried to spruce up a CD with slick packaging. Box Sets and what not.

Repeaters: samplings of those albums I listen to over and over, for whatever reason.

Andy Partridge (XTC) and Harold Budd, Through the Hill. CD, but it looks nice. Enjoyable unfolding card doohickeys inside. Petite, surprising, sometimes mysterious compositions that avoid new age nonsense. Sum is greater than the whole of its parts, but here's a sample anyway.

Through the Hill