Monday, December 14, 2009

Remembering Ilyas Malayev: Tonight, Monday, Dec. 14, Center for Jewish History

Our Collide Quartet show on Friday in Philadelphia with Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, and Tom Rainey was a blast. It was really exciting to be a part of this weekend dedicated to Berne's compositions. Nice room, great music, engaged audience: can't beat that. After sweating through Berne's quartet Repulsion and the sextet Quicksand, when we were joined by Berne and Ducret (who completely mesmerized me with their improvisations -- almost missed my entrances!), I was able to relax for the fantastic second set by Big Satan. A wholly enjoyable night.

Tonight is another celebration, this time honoring the art of Ilyas Malayev. Below is a clip from Malayev's recording of classical maqom, At the Bazaar of Love, featuring one of his poems. The singer, Ochil Ibragimov, will be singing tonight at the event. Hope to see some of you at the Center for Jewish History at 7 pm!

Talqin-i Uzzal (poem: "Sohbat-i Dono," by Ilyas Malayev)

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